With 627 deaths in 24 hours, Italy’s coronavirus toll crosses 4,000

The coronavirus death toll Italy crossed 4,000-mark on Friday as it recorded 627 deaths in 24 hours. The number of cases in the country also crossed 47,000.

Earlier on Thursday, Italy surpassed China in terms of most number of deaths due to novel coronavirus after recording 427 deaths in a day.

The death toll in Italy rose to 4,032 cases on Friday and the number of infections recorded jumped to 47,021 as close to 6,000 new cases were confirmed on Friday,according to data from Johns Hopkins University in the US.

On second place, China has recorded 81,008 cases of coronavirus infection while 3,255 people have died due to COVID-19. In terms of cases per million, China’s is 56 while Italy has the total case per million population of 778.

On Wednesday, Italy recorded 475 deaths from COVID-19 which was the highest number of deaths for any country since the virus was first identified in China’s Hubei province late last year.

The number of deaths in Iran also crossed 1400-mark. The Johns Hopkins University database put the number of deaths in Iran at 1,433 with total number of confirmed cases at 19,644.

Spain is the second most affected nation in the European Union and recorded 262 new deaths on Friday, taking the toll to 1093 with 21,571 confirmed cases.

The number of cases in the United States also crossed the 19,000-mark. 263 people have died in the US while the number of cases is at 19,285.

Total number of cases worldwide has reached 274,180 while the global death toll is currently at 11,375, theJohns Hopkins University database says.

In India, the number of cases jumped to 223 with four deaths. The authorities have taken several measures including closure of schools, work from home oon for private and government employees, restriction on large gatherings as part of social distancing.