Watch: This cool baby really loves grooving to the Jonas Brothers

Little Ella Dooley has gone viral on the internet for her funky moves to the Jonas Brothers’ 2019 pop-hit Sucker.

Holding a single French fry in her hand, and dressed in a pink and white dress, the child clearly seems to be enjoying the beats as she dances her heart out while still perched on her mother’s lap.

Ella’s mother Jennifer Burnett-Dooley had originally posted the video on Facebook last month. Soon afterwards, it went viral. Someone reposted the video on Twitter as well, and soon even the Jonas Brothers had retweeted the delightful video of their young fan.

Social media users, meanwhile, were simply awed by how much fun the tiny tot seemed to be having. “Just remember we were all that baby at one point, happy to be alive and just jamming to the music,” wrote one user. “Let’s all try to find that space again, at least once a day.”