Watch: Candid clip of a fan taking a shirtless picture of Feliciano López at US Open goes viral

The video of a fan successfully taking a picture of theSpanish tennis player Feliciano López as he changed his shirt has started an online debate.

López was changing his shirt during his four-set first-round victory over American Taylor Fritz at a US Open match at Flushing Meadow, New York earlier this week when the fan spotted him. Promptly but discreetly, she took a picture using her phone camera.

Mission completed, she delightedly sat back. Only, she had no idea she had done all of this on record!

The video quickly went viral, with social media users laughing at the unknown spectator’s enthusiasm for – er – tennis.

However, several users objected to the laughs, saying that the spectator’s actions were perhaps slightly creepy and verged on objectification. Had she been a man clicking the photo of a woman sportsperson, they said, the internet would not have been amused.

Others, meanwhile, argued that the scenario cannot be reversed because we live in a world where women sportspersons have been rebuked for indecency for changing clothes on court.