Watch: A group of Japanese grannies record a rap tune to welcome G-20 leaders to their city

Obachaaan is no ordinary Japanese music group. With women in their 60s and 70s as its members, the collective gets its name from the term Osaka obachan, which means “middle-aged women from the Osaka city of Japan”.

To welcome world leaders to the G20 Summit being held in their city on Friday and Saturday, the group had released a new song titled Oba Funk Osaka.

The rap song has some lines in English and talks of the various stereotypes that are associated with obachan: they love animal-print clothes, are very friendly, and always have candy to give out.

Oba Funk Osaka also sings praises of the city that is hosting the G20 Summit. “Here is Osaka, wonderful city,” the lyrics say while talking of Osaka’s food, its “lovely and kind” people, and its free Wi-Fi.

This is the group’s seventh single title.

Obachaaan has been popular in Japan for a few years now. Its theme song, which was released in 2012, had garnered over a million views on YouTube.