US President Trump To Discuss Kashmir With PM Modi At G7 Summit

New Delhi has made it clear to the US that Kashmir was a bilateral issue between India and Pakistan and there was no role for a third party. “Frankly, it’s a very explosive situation. I spoke to Prime Minister Khan yesterday also with Prime Minister Modi. They’re both friends of mine. They’re great people. They’re great people, and they love their country,” Trump said.

Trump said the tensed situation also has a lot to do with religion. “It’s a complicated situation. A lot has to do with religion. Religion is a complicated subject,” he said. Trump said that the subcontinent is “having these talks for hundreds (sic of years, even under different names,” he said responding to a question on Kashmir, which he said is a very complicated place. “You have the Hindus. And you have the Muslims. I wouldn’t say they get along so great. That’s what you have right now,” he said adding that the two countries haven’t got along for a long time.