US overtakes China with most number of confirmed coronavirus COVID-19 cases

The US has become the epicentre of the global coronavirus outbreak now that it has more number of coronavirus infections, closing in on 86,000, surpassing China who has recorded 81,782 cases so far. The death toll in US is at 1,296 with most deaths reported from New York city and King Washington is second with 109 deaths. 

Globally the total number of confirmed coronavirus cases are 532,692 and total deaths 24,075, this as per the data presented by Johns Hopkins University at 10:45 am IST on March 27, 2020. 

The number of cases jumped by more than 10,000 and many more are expected by the end of the day. Now, the US has more coronavirus cases than China, Italy and Spain.

On Wednesday, the China`s National Health Commission had reported 81,285 confirmed cases on the Chinese mainland.

Apart from China, other countries that have reported over 10,000 cases include Italy, the US, Spain, Germany, Iran, France and Switzerland. Italy has suffered the most casuality from the disease, which stood at 8,215.

Earlier, US president Donald Trump had called for a 15-day period of observation, which expires early next week. Measures like social distancing and quarantine has been instituted across much of the US, with stay-at-home orders for more than a third of the population.