PM Imran Khan’s resignation minimum demand, says Azadi March leader

Even as the anti-government protest in Pakistan enters its fifth day, the Jamiat Ulema Islam-Fazl (JUI-F–leading the protest–and its partner opposition political parties have put forward their demands to the government. They have also hinted at their forward roadmap of resistance against the Prime Minister Imran Khan.

JUI-F chief Fazal-ur-Rehman, who is leading the Azadi march in Pakistan, said that their minimum demand was the resignation from Prime Minister Imran Khan, while the maximum was the dissolution of the assemblies.

“The PM’s resignation is the minimum we demand. There can be no change in this demand and we will not step on it. Tabling a no-confidence motion against the prime minister and resignation from assemblies was also a constitutional oon. The government will be serious only when the resignation comes,” Rehman said.

Rehman said that the 2018 general elections were rigged to ensure that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf ( wins and Imran Khan takes control, hinting at the support of the country’s powerful military establishment with Imran Khan.

Rehman further said that the electoral process couldn’t be justified with the presence of army officials in and out of the polling stations.

“What is the use of fresh elections if an army officer is present inside the polling station? The only way better results could be achieved is by implementing the existing Election Act with letter and spirit,” Rehman said.

“I have no personal issue with the prime minister, rather it is the demand of the whole nation today,” Rehman said.

Meanwhile, the government ministers maintain that there is no oon of the PM Imran Khan’s resignation and insisted that the demand is unconstitutional.

The government officials also criticised that the Azadi march which is not only owned and led by JUI-F, other parties including Pakistan People Party (PPP and Pakistan Muslim League- Nawaz (PML-N have backed out from their commitment.

The deadlock continues to remain intact between the protesting parties and the government body. The government has now reached out to its ally political party leaders who are in good terms with Fazlur Rehman to negotiate and find a middle path to resolve the matter.

The Azadi March leadership even highlighted that they would chock the whole country by blocking all major cities and disconnecting all routes in their next step of resistance against the government.