Over 4 lakh people join Facebook event titled ‘storm Area 51’ to ‘find aliens’

Humans quest for aliens have been going on for decades but nothing concrete has ever come to the fore which could prove that they (aliens do exist.

For years, a number of places across the world have become famous for being citings of UFO (Unidentified Flying Object, generating several conspiracy theories of humans ‘encounter’ with aliens but never ever there has been any evidence about the existence of aliens surfaced.

However, one area known as ‘Area 51’ which lies in Nevada, United States, have long been famous for a number of conspiracy theories including that one about aliens with alleged beliefs that it is one place where aliens have been cited and secret operations being conducted there.

Though ‘Area 51’ in US was acknowledged as a US military base in 2013, but it did not let conspiracy theories to die.

Now a Facebook event is being planned to storm Area 51 to search for Aliens. Yes, almost 3-4 lakh people have already signed up to participate in the event in their quest for aliens.

Titled ‘Storm Area 51, they cannot stop all of us’, users from around the world are signing up to gather and storm Area 51.

What is Area 51?

Acknowledged as a US military base in 2013, the area has been infamous as a place where US army secret operations are being carried out, including that one related to ‘aliens’.

Over the years many conspiracy theories have surfaced that talks about secret operations related to the sightings of aliens, UFOs whether they exist or not.