Milk price reaches Rs 140 per litre in Pakistan, costlier than petrol, diesel

People in Pakistan are paying as much as Rs 140 for one-litre of milk, more than the cost of one-litre petrol or diesel in the neighbouring nation.

The prices of milk were reported to be this much high on the occasion of Muharram due to high demand.

According to a report by a local newspaper in Pakistan, the cost of one-litre milk was Rs 140 (Pakistani rupee. Whereas the cost of one litre of petrol was around Rs 113 in the country and diesel was being sold at Rs 91 per litre.

Special stalls were set up in Pakistan on the occasion of Muharram to avail milk, juices and water to the people who were participating in the public processions.

However, the official price of milk set by the government is Rs 94 per litre but reports say shopkeepers were selling it at Rs 110 per-litre while at some places it was sold at an even higher price of Rs 140.

Following such a huge surge in milk prices, the administration in Pakistan has called for a meeting with the farmers and stakeholders which will sit on September 13 to discuss the rising prices of milk in the country.

One Pakistani rupee is equivalent to 0.46 Indian rupee.