Major security scare at Amsterdam airport over suspicious situation onboard plane

The Dutch Royal Military Police is investigating a “suspicious situation’ on board of an airplane at the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, The Netherlands. A major security alert has also been declared at the airport and some areas have reportedly been evacuated.

The “suspicious situation” at the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport was declared at about 7:30 pm (local time when emergency services were called for an investigation. Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is Europe’s busiest airports.

According to the reports, the local and the military police said the incident involves a “suspicious situation” on board a plane.

Emergency services such as armed police, ambulances, and a medical helicopter have also been called at the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

According to the reports, the authorities have also evacuated the Utrecht Central railway station. The alert was, however, cancelled a few minutes later. It is not clear if the incident is related to the situation at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

No more details have been shared about the “suspicious situation” at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.