Location of US, NATO secret nuclear weapons bases in Europe revealed, 150 bombs aimed towards Russia

The location of six top-secret nuclear bases of the United States of America and NATO in Europe is out in public domain following a report by Canadian Senator Joseph A Day. The Defence and Security Committee Draft General Report titled “A New Era For Nuclear Deterrence? Modernisation, Arms Control, And Allied Nuclear Forces” released in April 2019 mentions that the US has about 150 nuclear weapons on European soil.

Belgian newspaper De Morgen reported that according to the draft report the nuclear weapons aimed towards Russia are at six bases. The bases are Kleine Brogel in Belgium, Büchel in Germany, Aviano and Ghedi-Torre in Italy, Volkel in The Netherlands, and Incirlik in Turkey. Most of the US nuclear arsenal in Europe consists of B61 thermonuclear gravity bombs.

But the final report makes no mention of the nuclear bases. “Within the NATO context, according to open sources, the United States forward-deploys approximately 150 nuclear weapons, specifically B61 gravity bombs, to Europe for use on both US and Allied dual-capable aircraft. The European Allies often cited as operating such aircraft are Belgium, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, and Turkey. Such capabilities ensure broad Allied involvement in NATO’s nuclear mission and as a concrete reminder of US nuclear commitment to the security of NATO’s European Allies. The decision to maintain the non-strategic gravity nuclear bombs in Europe is principally due to Russia’s maintenance of a large number of tactical nuclear weapons in its arsenal,” the final version of the report released on July 11, 2019, says.

Under the heading “NATO’s Nuclear Posture”, the report says that the military alliance formed to tackle Russia (and erstwhile USSR) relies on US, France and the United Kingdom for its nuclear teeth. “NATO’s nuclear pillar is strongly reliant on the strategic forces of the United States, as well as the strategic forces of both France and the United Kingdom. Both the United States and the United Kingdom make nuclear weapons available to the Alliance as part of their national nuclear policies.”
“The United States remains committed to an extended deterrence posture, which provides allies protection under its nuclear ‘umbrella’. To achieve this extended posture, the United States maintains its nuclear triad of delivery systems, forward-deployed non-strategic weapons, and readily deployable US-based nuclear weapons. The United Kingdom’s sea-based nuclear deterrent is committed to UK and NATO security,” according to the report.