Kashmir is India’s internal matter: Maldives Speaker rebuffs Pakistan’s rhetoric

Sunday witnessed fiery scenes at the Maldivian parliament (Majlis when Indian and Pakistani delegations got into a bitter spat with India’s Deputy Chairman of the Rajya Sabha Harivansh Narayan Singh thwarting all attempts made by Pakistan’s Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Qasim Suri to raise the Kashmir issue.

But the bitter spat aside, the most befitting reply to Pakistan’s another attempt to internationalise the Kashmir issue came from the none other than the host nation, Maldives.

Speaking exclusively to India Today TV, Maldivian Speaker of the Majlis, Mohamed Nasheed said Pakistan’s action was “unfortunate”. He said he had asked all representatives to stick to the agenda of the forum.

“I did tell everyone before the beginning of the proceedings that speakers need to remain within the ambit of the agenda. Unfortunately, Pakistan raised the issue of Kashmir in their intervention and therefore India wanted to make a point of order to be allowed so that India was able to put its stand forward,” said Mohamed Nasheed speaking to India Today TV from Malé.

Kashmir is India’s internal matter. Maldives’ position on Kashmir is as old as 1947. Since the Partition, we have always maintained that it is India’s internal issue.

– Mohamed Nasheed, Speaker Maldives Parliament