Indian woman wins USD 1 million in UAE raffle

DUBAI: A 34-year-old Indian woman in the UAE has hit a jackpot by winning a whopping USD 1 million in a raffle here on Tuesday, while another compatriot has won a luxury motorbike in the lottery game, according to a media report.

Beejal O, a Dubai-based Indian national, picked ticket number 4111, which happens to be her apartment number, the Khaleej Times reported.

“I’m truly speechless and I’m beyond grateful.

I don’t know how to thank Dubai Duty Free for this big surprise,” said Beejal, a resident of Dubai for seven years and a regular participant in Dubai Duty Free (DDF Millennium Millionaire promotion.

The first thought that comes into her mind, after winning USD 1 million, is charity, the report said.

Beejal bought the ticket while travelling to India on July 25.

She is now is the 148th Indian national to win in DDF since its inceon in 1999, it said.

Four more winners were announced in the Dubai Duty Free Finest Surprise Promotion.

Jahanzeb Arif, a Pakistani national won a car.

Another car winner was Annie Espy Dias, a 40-year-old Portuguese national based in the UK.

Shaheen Sheik, a 28-year-old Indian national based in Dubai won a motorbike.

Earlier this month, An Indian farmer, who returned home after failing to find a job in Dubai, won over USD 4 million in raffle, the tickets of which he bought with the money borrowed from his wife.