Imran Khan says he doesn’t ‘know much’ about Uighur Muslims, calls China ‘best friend’

Calling China as Pakistan’s “best friend”, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has said he doesn’t know much about the situation of persecuted Uighurs Muslims in China. Many Western governments have been saying Uighurs are been systemically targeted by China and being sent to re-education camps.

In an interview to Al Jazeera, as part of global media outreach to talking about the situation on Kashmir, Khan said “frankly we have been facing so many of our internal problems right now that.. I don’t know much about the problem”

Adding, “I would like to saybut I will say one thing about China, for us China has been the best friend “

Imran Khan who has been generally speaking about problems facing the Muslim world has been silent on the issue in China’s north-westernXinjiang were most of theUighursare present.

The comments come in the backdrop of his rally in Pakistani occupied Kashmir on Friday where he said Muslims are been persecuted in Kashmir by India and called on the world to speak on the issue.

This is the second time Imran Khan has claimed no knowledge of the situation of Uighur Muslims in China. In an interview tofinancial times earlier this year, he said, “Frankly, I don’t know much about that…if I had enough knowledge I would speak about it, it is not so much in the newspapers”.

Interestingly, in July this year, many Islamic countries including Pakistan wrote a letter praising China’s policies in Xinjiang.