Former Saddam Henchman Abdullah Qardash To Be Baghdadi’s Successor: Reports

Qardash, who is also known as ‘professor’ or ‘destroyer’ served in jail with Baghdadi in the year 2003-04.

He was a religious preacher in Al-Qaeda before he joined the Islamic State.

Qardash, who originally hails from Iraq, is believed to have taken over a number of duties from Baghdadi, before his demise.

In August 2019, Baghdadi had entrusted him with day to day affairs of the terror outfit.

Qardash was also a confidante of Abu Alaa al-Afri, Baghdadi’s previous deputy, who was killed in a US helicopter gun raid in 2016.

Two deputies of Qardash will be Abu Muslim al-Turkmani and Abu Ali al-Anwari.

The Shura Council, which constitutes of at least six Islamic insurgent groups, is now left with a decision that could potentially determine the future of ISIS. The council is in search of evidence that would prove Baghdadi’s death.