Food for thought: Pakistan PM Imran Khan orders slashing prices of naan, roti

Pakistan’s cabinet has decided to bring down the prices of ‘naan’ and ‘roti’ – the country’s staple and hugely popular flatbreads – to their previous rates.

“Prime Minister Imran Khan has taken stern notice of increasing prices of naan and roti and he has decided to take immediate steps to revert them to their original rates,” Firdous Ashiq Awan, special assistant to the prime minister on information, told reporters after the cabinet meeting. At present, naans sell for Rs 12 to Rs 15 each across Pakistan.

Before a sharp increase in the tariffs on gas and wheat flour, naan prices had ranged from Rs 8 to Rs 10.

Similarly, rotis are currently available for Rs10 to Rs12 apiece, while the previous rate was between Rs 7 and Rs 8.

Awan said that apart from the cabinet meeting, the prime minister specifically presided over a separate meeting on gas tariffs and the rates of naans and rotis.

Awan said Khan has also called a meeting of the economic coordination committee of the cabinet with the aim of reducing gas tariffs for “tandoorwalas” (those who make naans and rotis and for slashing the price of atta (wheat flour and the existing duties on it.