Elon Musk riddles followers, changes Twitter name to ‘-1’

SAN FRANCISCO: Tesla CEO Elon Musk has once again confused his 27.6 million Twitter followers when he mysteriously changed his name to “-1” on the micro-blogging platform.

“What’s the deal with -1? Can someone explain?” a puzzled user wrote on a meme that Musk shared after changing his name late Wednesday.

Some users tried to find a possible explanation for Musk’s “-1” puzzle.

“His name is Elon and in(e is 1. The Starship test of SpaceX has failed twice, hence 1-2 is -1,” Shubham Pawar commented.

By mathematical reasoning, the natural constant “e” is a math constant – the unique number whose natural log is equal to one.

Earlier on Wednesday, SpaceX fired up its “Starhopper” test rocket in Texas for its biggest hop yet, but the rocket aborted the flight just seconds into the attempt. Instead of hopping up about 65 feet (20 metres as planned, the rocket belched flame and smoke, then shut down.