Coronavirus COVID-19 positive cases cross 11 lakh, death toll nears 59,000 globally

The number of coronavirus infections across the globe went over 11 lakh with a death toll almost 59,000, as per data by Johns Hopkins University at 12pm on Saturday (April 4). In less than 48 hours the number of COVID-19 cases rose another 1 lakh, as the world continues to battle the deadly pathogen.

While almost half the world’s country’s have imposed lock downs as a despearte measure to stop the spread of coronavirus. 

US continues to be one of the worst nations with 2,77,965 cases, while in Europe both Italy and Spain are struggling massively to contain the spread with 1,19,827 and 1,19,119 cases, respectively.

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The death toll in Italy rose to 14,681, while Spain’s death toll is at 11,198. Spain barely has the strength to help its overwhelmed care homes and their elderly residents, singularly vulnerable to the respiratory disease. With hospitals stretched to breaking point, the elderly are being turned away, and the care homes, lacking staff and appropriate equipment, must do what they can for the sick and dying.

The number of deaths in US rose to 7,159 and France, UK and Iran all reporting more deaths than China, where the virus originated.

China today held a memorial for its victims and martyrs of coronavirus. China has reported more than 3,300 coronavirus deaths. The country observed three minutes of silence to mourn those who died, including frontline medical workers and doctors. Cars, trains and ships sounded their horns and air raid sirens wailed.

While The US has recorded nearly 1,500 coronavirus deaths in a span of 24 hours, the highest number of fatalities registered in a day.
According to figures from the Washington-based Johns Hopkins University`s Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE), 1,480 deaths were recorded between Thursday and Friday. 

The New York State reported 562 deaths, with a person dying almost every two-and-a-half minutes, as Governor Andrew Cuomo allowed redistribution of ventilators and protective gear to hospitals with greater need.

Coronavirus COVID-19 positive cases cross 11 lakh, death toll nears 59,000 globally