Boris Johnson: Here’s What We Know About The New UK PM

New Delhi: Britain’s newly elected Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who is all set to succeed Theresa May at 10 Downing Street, has a background which is both charismatic and controversial. He vowed to “get Brexit done” by the October 31 deadline, amid the political uncertainty over the country’s divorce deal with the European Union.

Here is what we know about Johnson:

  1. Accused of Brexit ‘lies’: Johnson helped to promote the controversial claim that Britain would no longer have to make weekly payments of 350 million pounds (USD 436 million to the EU. Use of the figure, which was emblazoned on the side of the Leave campaign’s touring bus, has been criticised as misleading because it represented the country’s gross contribution to the 28-nation bloc.
  2. As per reports, Johnson was accused of Islamophobia after saying Muslim women wearing burkas looked “like letter boxes.