A ledger gives a sense of how the East India Company was singed by the 1666 London fire

On the morning of September 2, 1666, the Great Fire started its sweep through the City of London. Some idea of the effect of the fire on the East India Company headquarters in Leadenhall Street is provided by the petty cash accounts of its Secretary John Stanyan. Large quantities of goods were moved to safety. It was thirsty work judging from the number of entries for the cost of drinks!

September 16, 1666
Paid four men for one nighting at Dr Clarke’s – 6s

September 22, 1666
Paid four men for four nightsing at Dr Clarke’s – £1 12s
Paid cartage of 375 bales and three bundles from Pinners Hall to Leadenhall – £7 16s 6d
Paid eight men for four days helping to load and unload these bales and piling them – £3
Paid one man for four days helping with these goods – 12s
Given for drink – 3s

October 2, 1666
Paid nine men for two days helping to load and pile bales from Dr Clarke’s – £1 16s

October 13, 1666
Paid Goodman North for bringing 69 bales and cases from Dr Clarke’s to Leadenhall – £1 9s 6d
Paid Mr Wright for bringing 73 parcels from Dr Clarke’s – £2 16s
Paid Goodman Grigson for bringing 54 parcels from Dr Clarke’s – £1 16s
Paid to servants of Doctor Clarke, Mr Crowther and Captain Proud when bales were fetched away – £1 3s

The accounts then return to their normal pattern of expenditure.