34-year-old British Sikh choked to death by martial arts expert in Thailand hotel

A British Sikh was choked to death by a Norwegian tourist who was a martial arts expert following an argument at Centara Grand Resort in Phuket, Thailand.

The incident occurred when the 34-year-old British Sikh Amitpal Singh Bajaj, who was holidaying with his wife and son in Phuket, confronted the Norwegian man staying in the adjacent room of the hotel for making too much noise.

The 53-year-old Norwegian man, identified as Roger Bullman, was drunk when the argument between the two started.

The British Sikh went up to the Norwegian tourist and asked him not to make too much noise as his wife and child were unable to sleep, according to Phuket police.

Reports say even the hotel security had warned Bullman for making too much noise.

However, the fight continued and as per reports, the Norwegian tourist broke the door connecting the two rooms when both were fighting.

During the fight, Bullman held the British man with his arm across his neck, that possibly choked the British man.

Soon after, the police arrived at the scene. Amitpal Singh Bajaj was bleeding from nose, mouth and was rushed to a hospital where he was declared dead due to asphyxiation.

The accused has been charged under the trespass act of violence and with manslaughter.

Amitpal’s wife said her husband sacrificed his life to save her and child, he will always be their hero.