‘No personal consequence’: Biden on importance of Trump attending inauguration ceremony

US president-elect Joe Biden shared his thoughts on the importance of outgoing president Donald Trump attending the inauguration ceremony scheduled for January 20. In an interview with CNN, aired on Thursday, Biden said it would be important only to demonstrate that there is a peaceful transfer of power between the competing parties by shaking hands and moving on.

“No personal consequence to me but for the country,” said the Democrat, highlighting the importance of a demonstration of a peaceful transfer of power at his inauguration.

Biden also raised concern about the “image” of the United States being presented to the rest of the world, saying such controversies around the transfer of power occurs in countries under a dictatorship.

Meanwhile, Trump has continued with his unproven claims of electoral fraud and has refused to concede defeat in the recently-concluded presidential elections. The US president has now claimed that people in Georgia were caught bringing in ballots and putting them in voting machines.

“People in Georgia got caught cold bringing in massive numbers of ballots and putting them in “voting” machines. Great job @BrianKempGA!” tweeted Trump, as he continues to target Georgia governor for helping him over the result. The tweet was promptly flagged by the micro-blogging platform as “disputed”.

Trump had earlier asked why Brian Kemp, a fellow Republican, didn’t use his “emergency powers” to overrule the decision of the secretary of state. He had also suggested officials check the number of envelopes against the number of ballots, claiming that they “may just find” more ballots than envelopes received. “

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Biden has received more than 81 million popular votes in the presidential elections, the highest ever in the US’ history, and is projected to win 306 electoral votes as against 232 to Trump. He has already started nominating key members of the Biden-Harris Administration as it faces immense challenges presented by the coronavirus disease (Covid-19.

‘No personal consequence’: Biden on importance of Trump attending inauguration ceremony