Construction fast-tracked at China PLA’s first overseas base in Djibouti

China is expanding fast and wide in Africa. Its foray into Djibouti, a small but strategically located country in Africa, is a clear reflection of the Communist nation’s foothold in the continent. The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA Support Base in Djibouti has become an increasingly important outpost in the Horn of Africa.

China began constructing its first People’s Liberation Army (PLA overseas base at Djibouti’s Doraleh Port in March 2016. Djibouti is a strategic port on the mouth of the Red Sea with easy access to the Arabian Sea, the Persian Gulf and the Indian Ocean.

Recent satellite images indicate that the PLA has fast-tracked work at this overseas base in the last six months to probably increase Chinese influence in the African continent where China is a major stakeholder in all arenas, including the political.

The work at this base and port activities have continued through the entire pandemic. The construction is now at fever pitch, as seen in latest high-resolution satellite images.

The India Today’s OSINT team analyses the progress of work at this largest overseas base of the Chinese PLA.

Construction fast-tracked at China PLA's first overseas base in Djibouti