20 hospitalised as Azerbaijan accuses Armenia of rocket attack in its second-largest city

An emergency hospital of Azerbaijan’s second-largest city of Ganja has admitted 20 people with injuries from a Sunday rocket attack, chief physician Gafar Ibragimov told Sputnik.

In the early hours of Sunday, the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry claimed that an Armenian rocket had hit a residential area in Ganja. The Armenian military has refuted Baku’s statements. The shelling, which reportedly left seven dead and 34 others injured, took place amid the ceasefire, which the two sides to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict had earlier agreed in Moscow.

“We have treated 20 patients, two of them in severe condition. There are five children under three among the patients who are currently receiving psychological assistance and undergoing rehabilitation. The others have been discharged, they are under medical supervision,” Ibragimov said.

The doctor added that a female traumatologist who worked for the hospital had been killed in the shelling.

“This employee had two sons who are now at the frontline [in the Karabakh conflict] … And she was in a peaceful and quiet city … unfortunately, we lost her,” the chief physician said.

Journalists had an opportunity to see two hospitalized men who had been injured in the attack. One is a emergency worker in his 40s who lives in one of damaged residential buildings. According to doctors, the man fought in the Nagorno-Karabakh war in the 1990s. The patient slept during reporters’ visit.

Another patient received wounds to both legs as the rocket smashed windows in nearby houses. According to 20-year-old Isa Rzayev, he woke up at night to the noise of two powerful explosions. Neighbors helped him get out of the house. Isa said that he was demobilized in April. (ANI/Sputnik

20 hospitalised as Azerbaijan accuses Armenia of rocket attack in its second-largest city