Man who raped woman by puncturing condom with a pin before sex sent to jail

A 47-year-old man who raped a woman by puncturing a condom with a pin before having sex with her has been jailed. During the hearing, the court was informed that 47-year-old Andrew Lewis made a hole in the condom using a pin to trick the victim on March 10, 2018. Lewis who is a train driver by profession, was awarded a four-year sentence at Worcester Crown Court on October 2.

The court said that pin and pierced condoms were found by the woman in a drawer. Glyn Samuel, prosecuting, said the woman also checked the used condom and saw the hole in it. In her complaint to the police, the woman described Lewis’ act as ‘pure evil’, reported Daily Mail.

Samuel said: “He told police he had hoped the condom would split and it would improve the intimacy. He said it was the stupidest thing he has ever done. In piercing the condom beforehand there was a degree of planning involved.”

According to Samuel, there was not much case law to help Judge Nicholas Cole with the sentence.

Samuel’s lawyer Lynette McClement said that his client only wanted to enhance intimacy and was not interested in getting the woman pregnant.

McClement said: ‘She had every right to choose her form of contraception. He had hoped it would tear, and as a result she would change her mind. It is an unusual case.’

While announcing the verdict, Judge Cole said the woman with whom Lewis had sex had made clear that she did not want a baby. The judge said: ‘It was a breach of trust. The offence of rape is so serious a custodial sentence is appropriate.’

Man who raped woman by puncturing condom with a pin before sex sent to jail