Trump ‘doing very well’, says medical team at military hospital

President Donald Trump was “doing very well” and was in “exceonally good spirits”, his medical team said on Saturday at a military hospital where he was shifted hours after he and first lady Melania Trump had tested positive for Covid-19, deepening the health crisis in the country and throwing his re-election campaign into uncertainty.

“At this time the team and I are extremely happy with the progress the President has made,” Dr Sean Conley, the president’s physician said at Walter Reed military hospital, accompanied by the team of specialists and nurses looking after the president. “Thursday, he had a mild cough and some nasal congestion and fatigue, all of which are now resolving and improving.”

President Trump has had no trouble breathing and not been put on oxygen,. Dr Shaw Dooley, a lead specialist on the team said, the president “is in exceonally good spirits” and conveyed to them “I feel like I could walk out of here today”.

Trump was shifted to Walter Reed on Friday “out of an abundance of caution”, the White House had said. And in a video message he tweeted after reaching the military medical facility, the president said, “I think I’m doing very well, but we’re going to make sure that things work out. The first lady is doing very well. So thank you very much I appreciate it I will never forget.”

President Trump had waved to reporters as he walked to the helicopter waiting on White House grounds to fly him to Walter Reed, a short distance from DC. But he did not answer questions shouted out by reporters. He wore a mask, as did others with him, including his chief of staff Mark Meadows.

Earlier in the afternoon Kayleigh McEnany, press secretary to the president, had said in a statement that “out of an abundance of caution, and at the recommendation of his physician and medical experts, the President will be working from the presidential offices at Walter Reed for the next few days.”

The presidential suite at the medical facility in Bethesda in the adjoining state of Maryland, are large and roomy and include a conference room, a living room and a bedroom.

Dr. Conley, the president’s physician, had said earlier in a statement Trump was “fatigued but in good spirits” and had been administered a single 8-gram dose of a cocktail of antibodies against the coronavirus, which is an experimental drug that has not been approved for use yet.

The doctor that the president was also given zinc, vitamin D, famotidine, melatonin, and a daily aspirin.

The first lady “remains well with only a mild cough and headache”, the physician said, adding, the rest of the first family had tested negative.

But aides and staff who had been around president in the last some days either at an event at the White House or on the campaign trail continue to test positive. The included Kellyanne Conway, the former adviser to Trump, and Bill Stepien, head of the Trump re-election campaign.

The Trump campaign, which has either cancelled all of the president’s rallies for now and taken all of these to be addressed by family members online only, kept up attacks on Joe Biden, the Democratic nominee for president, signaling the urgency of the situations with election day just a month from now.

“Do you regret repeatedly attacking President Trump in a Michigan speech on the same day he was diagnosed with COVID-19?” the Trump campaign posted as the “question of the day” for Biden on Saturday, pointing to the former vice-president’s remarks on the economy and jobs.

But the campaign left out Biden’s concluding remarks: “I want to say God bless you, may God protect the first family and every family that is dealing with this virus, and may God protect our troops.” The Biden campaign has also pulled down its negative ads on Trump, but the former vice-president continues to campaign.

Trump ‘doing very well’, says medical team at military hospital