Encouraging India, China to resolve LAC row: Russia

Russia has said it encourages India and China to resolve the Line of Actual Control (LAC row but won’t directly “interfere”. Tensions have increased between the two neighbouring countries especially after the Galwan incident of June in which India lost 20 of its soldiers.

Roman Babushkin, the Deputy Chief of Mission of Russian embassy in Delhi, in response to a WION question said, “Directly we are not recommending or advising do so or not do something..it upto both countries to decide. What we are doing.. It’s not an interference, it creating some sort of positive atmosphere.”

Explaining further, “By and large, we are promoting this principal or politicial and diplomatic solution of disputes. We are adhering to that when it comes to dialogue with our Chinese friends, same we doing with Indian friends.”

India’s External Affairs minister S Jaishankar is in Moscow for the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation or SCO Foriegn Ministers meeting. On the sidelines of the meet he is expected to meet Chinese FM Wang Yi, the 2nd in person high level political engagement between ministers of 2 countries. Last week, the defence ministers of the two countries meet on the sidelines of SCO defence ministers meet.

Babushkin said, “You will always find statements of officials and experts supporting, idea of peaceful coexistence, cooperation, partnership because eventually, sooner or later India and China will find mutually acceptable solution for the border crisis.”

Giving example of its border dispute with China, Deputy Envoy said, “Russia had a very good experience in solution of border issues including with Chinese friends..it took us 40 years, ” adding, “We have no doubts Indian and Chinese friends are also able to do the same.”

Russia has had good relations with both India and China and when it comes to New Delhi, defence form a key pillar of partnership.

Asked if Russia will supply defence equipments to Pakistan, the deputy envoy said Moscow is “following the request and sensitivities of the Indian side.”

Encouraging India, China to resolve LAC row: Russia