Donald Trump accepts Republican nomination for US President

US President Donald Trump accepted the Presidential candidate nomination by the Republican Party for the upcoming elections in November on Thursday (local time.

The President was introduced by his daughter Ivanka before entering the stage. The crowd was seen chanting “four more years” as Trump took centre stage.

“I stand before you tonight honoured by your support proud of the incredible progress we made in the last four incredible years and brimming with confidence in the bright future we would build for America over the next four years,” Trump addressed the Republican National Convention at the White House.

He added, “My fellow Americans, tonight with a heart full of gratitude and boundless omism, I profoundly accept this nomination for President of the United States.”

Trump further said that in his next term as President, the US “would build the greatest economy in history” and “quickly return to” full employment.US Vice President Mike Pence also formally accepted the nomination for Vice President by the Republican Party, earlier on Wednesday.

Speaking from the White House South Lawn despite the criticism he was using the executive residence as a political prop, Trump asserted that a Biden victory would only worsen the crises besieging the country.

“This election will decide whether we save the American dream or whether we allow a socialist agenda to demolish our cherished destiny,” Trump said on the fourth and final night of the Republican National Convention. “This election will decide whether we protect law-abiding Americans, or whether we give free rein to violent anarchic agitators and criminals who threaten our citizens,” he added.

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, Trump delivered his remarks in front of more than 1,000 people, standing in front of dozens of American flags and basking in chants of “Four more years!” and “U.S.A.!”

Though an incumbent seeking a second four-year term, Trump remains a self-styled outsider, an approach that won him the White House, his first elected office, in 2016 on a promise to end the crime and violence he said was afflicting the country.

On Thursday, he and other Republican speakers argued that state and city Democratic leaders, not the Trump administration, were to blame for the racial strife convulsing U.S. cities, including Kenosha, Wisconsin, where this week police shot and paralyzed a Black man.

The US Presidential elections are set to take place on November 3, this year.

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Donald Trump accepts Republican nomination for US President