Massive protest to be held in Canada against China’s Communist regime

Canada: Canadians with ancestral origins from mainland China, Hong Kong, Tibet, Xinjiang, India and Philippines will hold a rally outside the Vancouver Art Gallery to condemn the oppression of Beijing’s Communist regime towards Hongkongers, Tibetans and occupied East Turkestan, as well as Beijing’s aggression towards its neighboring countries of India and the Philippines on July 26.

The protestors will demands for immediate release of the two Canadians, Michael Korvig and Michael Spavor who have been detained in China in December 2018, and charged with espionage in China.

”We demand Beijing to respect the fundamental human rights of one million Uyghur Muslims who are detained in concentration camps to be indoctrinated with the Communist Party propaganda,” said one protestor who is associated with Vancouver Uyghur Association.

This is the first multi-nationality multi-ethnicity rally will be held in Canada against the Chinese Communist Party’s aggression towards its own people and other foreign countries.

”With the Indo Canadian community, we commemorate the 20 Indian soldiers who were killed by Chinese soldiers on defending their country’s border along the barren and uninhabited stretch of mountains in the Himalayas,” said another protestor associated with Friends of Canada India Organization.

There is anger against China worldwide for  imposition of the new National Security Law which severely erodes Hong Kong’s autonomy under the “One Country Two Systems” principle and demand for free navigation of the South China Sea and oppose the unilateral construction and territorial claim of artificial islands and military bases by Communist China which threaten the sovereignty of nations including the Philippines, Vietnam and Taiwan.

The rally will be hosted by Canada Tibet Committee & the Tibetan Community, Friends of Canada India Organization, Global Pinoy Diaspora Canada, Vancouver Society of Freedom, Democracy & Human Rights for China,Vancouver Society in Support of Democratic Movement (VSSDM) and Vancouver Uyghur Association shows there support the people in Tibet who speak out against the Communist regime’s corruption and violation of freedoms of religion and expression but are arbitrarily imprisoned for so-called terrorism and separatism.

They urge the Government of Canada to unite with other free and rule-based nations in standing up to China’s encroachment and secure the immediate release of the two Michaels.

Massive protest to be held in Canada against China's Communist regime