SHOCKING: Girl entrusted burns to deal with after Apple iPhone battery charger ignites

A 17-year-old woman suffered burns on her face after an Apple iPhone battery charger apparently set her duvet on fire while she was sleeping,

Amie Hall, who resides in Birmingham, was sleeping when the iPhone battery charger set her duvet on fire. According to Hall, the fire then captured her face and left her charred on the best side.

She stated The Sun, “I panicked and went and woke up my mum and she managed to put the fire out. After the whole incident I feel in so much shock. This could have been a lot worse if I was sleeping. At this point I am very scared to plug in my charger now.”

Hall later on required to social networks to share her images. In the photos, her duvet and iPhone battery charger can ve spotted covered in black burn marks and her cheek has a spot of charred skin.

In the post, Amie composed: “So 2am today I was resting as you do on my phone. Plugged in my battery charger and it set alight. My bed cover/duvet set on fire and likewise captured my face. This isn’t even an inexpensive battery charger, it’s an Apple battery charger. Please do not go to sleep and leave your phone charging over night. If I was asleep this might have been a lot even worse and this might have set my entire household house up with all my household in. Please know this can occur to anybody and might be a lot even worse– it threatens.”

Meanwhile, Apple has actually stated that the business’s respresentatives are in touch with the consumer and is “looking into the matter.”

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A representative for Apple informed Birmingham Live: “Apple takes consumer security really seriously, is in touch with the consumer and checking out the matter.

SHOCKING: Girl entrusted burns to deal with after Apple iPhone battery charger ignites