Man abducts ex-girlfriend after she declines to go on Valentine’s Day date with him

A male has actually been apprehended for apparently kidnapping his ex-girlfriend, who is likewise the mom of his 2 kids after she declined to go on a surprise Valentine’s Day date with him.

Isaiah Cuspard, 20, attacked his ex-girlfriend on February 10 in United State’s Phoenix, Arizona, after which he was apprehended. Cuspard then got launched and the next day, he went to visit her house wishing to take her out on a valentine’s date.

After she declined, the male struck her, powerfully tossed her in his vehicle, and repelled at 100mph, the victim’s mom stated, according to the Daily Mail report.

The next-door neighbors whoed the occurrence unfold called the cops and by the time they got to the street where he was, he had actually crashed.

Cuspard was apprehended and reserved into Maricopa County Jail later on. He is being hung on a $6,000 bond.

Man abducts ex-girlfriend after she declines to go on Valentine's Day date with him

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