Don’t let Imran Khan concerned power once again: Maryam Nawaz prompts individuals

Wazirabad: Hitting out at Prime Minister Imran Khan, Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) (PML-N) vice president Maryam Nawaz has actually advised “selectors” not to subject the nation to the existing experiences by letting the Pakistan Tehreek- e-Insaf (PTI) concern power as soon as again.

“The country has been worn out but my dear selectors, do not do this with Pakistan again…I feel bad when people bad-mouth the selectors because after all, the institution is ours,” Nawaz stated while dealing with an election rally inWazirabad

She even more stated, “I say to Wazirabad police and administration […] I know that you yourself are frustrated [but] the nation is looking at you; if you instead of serving the country and the people try to serve anyone else, try to steal the vote and make a lost person win, then remember, Imran Khan came once but now at least Punjab will not let him come [to power] again.”

Speaking in Urdu, the PML-N vice president stated that the farmers, workers, everyday wage employees, traders and business owners are irritated as they can not manage the fundamental centers.

She asked the crowd whether any of them had actually gotten a task from the 10 million tasks guaranteed by the PTI federal government or a home from the 5 million homes as promised by the federal government, according to a report byDawn

The PML-N vice president even more stated that the electrical energy in Pakistan is costly since”those financing Imran Khan’s expenses deliberately imported expensive LNG” “They [government] took loans of Rs 15,000 billion but did not lay a single brick,” she stated.

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Nawaz cornered Imran Khan over his assertion on the open tally for next month’s Senate election and specified that the “actual reason” is that his own MNAs and MPAs “are escaping from his grasp”, Dawn reported.

“I want to say to PTI’s old-time workers, I have full sympathy for you but you cannot get Senate tickets because you do not have billions of rupees to spend on Imran Khan…It is Imran Khan’s compulsion, he has to give Senate tickets to those whose money he takes and eats,” she included.

The Pakistani Senate election will be hung on March 3.


Don't let Imran Khan concerned power once again: Maryam Nawaz prompts individuals