Navalny back in Moscow court on character assassination charges

MOSCOW: Russia’s primary Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny was back in court Friday for apparently libeling a World War II veteran, after being bought to jail in another case that triggered international outrage and mass demonstrations in his nation.

The hearing came a little over one week after the 44-year-old opposition leader, a consistent thorn in President Vladimir Putin’s flesh, was sentenced to serve almost 3 years in prison.

The anti-corruon advocate appeared in a glass cage for offenders at the Moscow court using a blue hoodie, an AFP reporter reported.

Heavily- equipped riot authorities surrounded the court and established cordons outdoors.

Navalny’s attorney Olga Mikhailova gotten in touch with the judge to enable media in the courtroom and implicated her of predisposition, asking that she be eliminated from supervising the hearing.

“Stop shaming yourself and enrol in some courses to improve your knowledge of the laws of the Russian Federation,” Navalny stated, backing his attorney’s demand.

Navalny is implicated of explaining individuals who appeared in a video promoting constitutional reforms backed by the Kremlin as “the shame of the country” and “traitors” last June.

They consisted of a 94-year-old war WWII veteran who existed in the court through video link when the trial opened last Friday.

The charges presently bring an optimum charge of 2 years behind bars.

Last week a various Moscow court turned Navalny’s 2014 suspended sentence into genuine prison time, purchasing him to serve 2 years and 8 months in jail.

Russia’s penitentiary service had actually implicated him of breaking the conditions of a suspended sentence for scams by not signing in with authorities while he was recuperating from a nerve representative poisoning attack in Germany that Navalny states was bought by Putin.

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Navalny’s arrest on arrival back to Russia last month triggered big across the country demonstrations that saw more than 10,000 apprehended and stimulated claims of authorities abuse

Navalny back in Moscow court on character assassination charges