Turkey-Pakistan nexus is instant terrorist hazard to India, Greece: Experts

New Delhi: The current report of Pakistan moving nuclear rocket innovation to Turkey sent out shockwaves around the world. Concurrently, it exposed the nexus in between Ankara and Islamabad, which in turn has significant implications for local stability and security. The growing hazard of terrorism as an outcome of this nexus is of major issue to India andGreece As an outcome of this, both countries have actually been looking towards deepening their tactical collaboration as a method to counter Turkey and Pakistan’s ominous styles in the area.

Speaking in a webinar entitled“Indo-Greek Cooperation: Countering the Turkey-Pakistan Nexus” arranged by Red Lantern Analytica, Andreas Mountzouroulias Editor- in-Chief, Pentapostagma, Greece
required an Indo-Greek alliance in the wake of Turkey providing nuclear rocket innovation toPakistan He argued that to counter this alliance, India and Greece need to think about joint production of weapons. While mentioning the characteristics of this nexus, Andreas highlighted Ankara’s assistance for Pakistani terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir; Turkey’s disturbance in Greece; and Turkey’s actions to tempt Indian trainees into terrorism by means of scholarships and NGOs. In closing, he advised India and Greece to develop a brand-new dogma of cooperation that might counter the Turkish President’s Caliphate dreams, which posture a hazard to the whole world.

Dr Vandana Mishra, Assistant Professor of JNU described the current beheading of an instructor in Paris as the watershed minute that broadened the divide in between Turkey andFrance By discussing this occurrence, Dr Mishra even more highlighted the Turkey-Pakistan-China nexus that has actually caused Ankara breaking the European Union and theUnited States She explained that regardless of both Turkey and Pakistan being Islamic countries, neither of them have actually withstood China for their ethnic cleaning ofUyghurs Dr Mishra then went on to highlight the space offered for an Indo-Greek alliance based upon cultural exchanges of different kinds. She specified that such an alliance can end up being the structure for a much deeper tactical collaboration due to the fact that it is“a partnership of principles”

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Emmanouil Fragkos, Member of European Parliament begun by highlighting the spiritual intolerance versus minorities at the request of Turkey andPakistan By describing numerous such occurrences of religion-based violence, Fragkos highlighted Turkey’s disagreements with nations like Greece, Cyprus, Armenia, andSyria Calling Turkey and Pakistan fanatic routines, he argues that such nations need to not have nuclear weapons as they posture a hazard to world peace. In this regard, Fragkos highlighted his own efforts to develop a lobby versus Turkey’s nuclear aspirations. He even more specified that Erdogan’s Caliphate Dreams will not emerge due to the fact that of 3 factors- Turkey having actually reached its optimum; loss of allies in the Arab world; and the possibility of Kurds remaining in bulk by 2050. In closing, Fragkos observed that Turkey is purchasing the radicalization of Indian Muslims for the advantage of Pakistan, which need to call alarm bells.


Professor John Nomikos of Director, RIEAS, Greece unfurled his remarks by underpinning that the Turkey-Pakistan nexus is an instant terrorist hazard to both India andGreece He specified that Turkish, Pakistani, and Chinese intelligence are interacting to destabilize Jammu and Kashmir along withGreece As the Biden administration takes control of, Professor Nomikos required a boosted function for the European neighborhood and the United States to stop Turkey’s nuclear dreams. While highlighting numerous platforms of bilateral cooperation in between India and Greece, he asserted that “India must be there in the Mediterranean” to counter this nexus.

Sonam Mahajan, Geopolitical Analyst suggested that while she’s not shocked by the growing Turkey-Pakistan nexus, the leaders of both countries are had with an unhealthy concept of expansionism. With Turkey endeavor drilling and hydrocarbon tasks in the Mediterranean, India, and Greece need to handle a more improved method together with the European Union, she stated. She even more argued that both Turkey and Pakistan are utilizing religious beliefs as a way to sustain terrorism in India which it uses India a chance to ally with Turkey’s enemies.

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The webinar closed with a vote of thanks provided by Mr While thanking all the panellists for their thought-provoking remarks,
Paul Antonopoulos, Bureau Chief, Greek City Times restated the 2300 years long Indo-Greek tradition which has actually stood the test of time. He recommended that much deeper relations in the fields of education, innovation, and most significantly, security, is the requirement of the hour in wake of Erdogan’sOttoman Dreams Declaring the current contract of Turkey, Pakistan, and Azerbaijan as a cumulative hazard,
The Founder of Red Lantern Analytica, Abhishek Ranjan, opened the webinar by presenting the subject.

Turkey-Pakistan nexus is instant terrorist hazard to India, Greece: Experts