Watch: As blackouts continue, desperate Venezuelans take illegal pathways to reach Colombia

In a bid to escape the mounting difficulties facing them, residents of the conflict-ridden South American country Venezuela are now fleeing to neighbouring Colombia by taking illegal pathways (video above.

Among those walking are men and women, children, old people, and people with crutches, all of them braving dust storms and crossing streams. Meanwhile, the crisis in Venezuela keeps worsening with people even resorting to looting shops and supermarkets

Since March 7, Venezuela has been facing its worst power outage in recent history where, according to a report in the The Guardian, 18 out of the 23 states of the country are affected by blackouts. Metro services in the capital city of Caracas have been shut owing to lack of electricity. Water supply and telephone and internet networks in the country are unstable. Medical services, too, have been hit by the limited capacity of backup power.

People are exasperated with the lack of any sort of communication from the government and lack of relief and aid during this humanitarian crisis.