The Trumps are coming: London ready for controversial visit

LONDON: It’s a unique odd couple: A 93-year-old sovereign who has made a point of keeping her opinions to herself during her long reign is hosting a 72-year-old reality-TV-star-turned-president who tweets his uncensored thoughts daily to 60 million followers.

For Queen Elizabeth II, Britain’s unflappable monarch, the arrival of U.S. President Donald Trump, his family and his armored entourage on Monday means a full day of ceremony and toasts topped by a magnificent banquet at Buckingham Palace.

Yet beneath the pomp and ceremony, there are differences aplenty.

There will be a formal tea hosted by Prince Charles and his wife Camilla for Trump and his wife, bringing together a future king who has warned about the perils of climate change with a president who is actively dismantling U.S. policies designed to slow global warming.