Terrorists cannot be segregatedas good and bad, says Cameron

CHENNAI:Former British Prime Minister David Cameron on Wednesday expressed concern over rising terrorism across the globe.

Delivering the keynote speech at the K S Narayanan Centenary oration event, he said.

“The root cause of the threat we face is the extremist ideology itself,”. He stressed that in order to deal with the problem completely, it is necessary to wipe out the root cause.

“We need first to understand what makes the ideology of extremism so attractive to people in order to prevent it,” he added.

He further said “Terrorists cannot be segregated into “good” and “bad” camps and all countries have to ensure they are brought to justice”.

Cameron also expressed his concerns about globalisation and climate change.

“There is the backlash against free markets and concern that globalisation is not working. There is the uncertainty about how to handle the rise of great powers. There is the speculation about whether open, liberal democracy is still the right model for success. There are the questions – like how do we fight terrorism in the age of the internet? How do we safeguard our environment when it’s clear the climate is already changing”.

He also said prosperity of countries like India and UK depends upon markets to operate and enterprises to flourish.

“Britain became a successful economy through its desire to trade, invest, sell and innovate. While India by setting its enterprise free was able to lift 150 million people out of poverty in just two decades. India is one of the largest economies and is said to be one of the fastest growing economy”

He stressed that for its further development focus should be more on development of infrastructure and skills development.

Later, Cameron had a lively discussion with senior journalist N Ram and expressed his views on a wide range of subjects from cricket to the rise in populism to the situation in the Middle East to the special relationship between India and the UK.