Tara Airline plane dives off the runway in Nepal

An aeroplane skidded from the runway in Ramechhap, Nepal due to an undiscovered reason. The plan that skidded belongs to Tara Air which is an airlines company in Nepal, its headquarters are in Kathmandu. Many cases of Tara Air’s plane crashes are heard every year as this was not the first time.

Tara Air is also a subsidiary of Neti Airlines from Nepal. However, the incident of the plane recorded no casualties as there were no passengers in the plane, the pilot is presumably alright too as no casualties are recorded under the pilot’s name either.

The airport where this incident took place is closed. The aeroplane had come from Luka to Ramechhap district airport. Here is a tweet from ANI on the same. Two twiterattis gave their opinions on the incident as one of the users blamed the airline company, he said, “Tara air is one of the worst rated airlines in Nepal, had been involved in many fatal air crashes.” Another user said, “Another target could be Nepal for terrorists.”

More details awaited.