Polar Vortex hits US; Twitter is flooded with freezing reactions

A swarm of photos and videos plunged through Twitter as the Polar Vortex is sweeping through parts of the US. Chicago was particularly hard-hit with temperatures dropping below -20 degrees.

As per BBC reports, eight lives have been claimed in the US Midwest due to the severe weather condition.

According to the forecasters, parts of the continental US will experience low temperatures and would be likely colder than those on the North Slope of Alaska.

America’s Space agency, NASA hinted of global warming in this tweet.

With people rushing the hospital due to frostbites, the freezing condition in the Midwest has disrupted the lives of many.

Twitterati was flooded with images of the cold weather. Here are a few:

Kudos to these brave men!

This video seemslike straight outta “The Day After Tomorrow” movie.

Guess its one of the Canadians!

That moment when we thought hot Ramen noodles would help us feel good in the cold weather.

Yes, we are thinking the same.

Wait, ‘Edward Scissorhands’ is that you?

And the dad of the year award goes to…

Now this is serious!

These people had it coming.

Wouldn’t it be the best Halloween decoration?

No its not Elsa’s castle…