Pink diamond gets sold for a record price

A rare and beautiful pink diamond which has been making news for the past few weeks had been finally sold in an auction in Geneva. The diamond which weights around 19 carats has fetched 50.3m Swiss francs ($50m; £38.5m at auction, a record price per carat. The rate would be around Rs. 36.50 crores in Indian rupees. An American jeweler Harry Weinstein won the diamond in the auction.

After winning the diamond, Harry Weinstein has changed its name to ‘Pink Legacy’. Once owned by the Oppenheimer family, who formerly ran the De Beers mining company, the diamond was referred to as “one of the world’s greatest diamonds” by Christie’s international head of jewelry, Rahul Kadakia.

This rare and beautiful diamond was found in a South African mine around 100 years ago and has likely not been altered since it was first cut in 1920, Christie’s said.

Finding a fancy vivid pink diamond larger than 10 carats is virtually unheard of, the auction house said.

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‘Pink Legacy’ Diamond Sells For Record $50 Million To U.S. Jeweler | NBC News