Pervez Musharraf may return to Pakistan on May 1: Lawyer

Pervez Musharraf, the former military ruler of Pakistan who has been in self-imposed exile in Dubai, could return to his home country on May 1.

Musharraf’s legal counsel Salman Safdar reportedly said that the retired general’s family has said he is keen to come back to Pakistan despite his poor health. Just last month, he was admitted to a hospital in Dubai after a reaction from amyloidosis, a rare disease he has been suffering from. 

Musharraf had left Pakistan in March of 2016 to get medical treatment in Dubai and while he had assured he would return, never did. He has been indicted on charges of treason by the Pakistan Supreme Court for suspending the Constitution in 2007. A conviction of high treason usually carries death penalty or life imprisonment.

Musharraf had previously said he would only return to the country if he is given a fair trial and is assured that he can leave the country for medical treatment at any given time.