Pakistani worker faces trial for killing Indian colleague to death in Dubai

Dubai: A Pakistani worker, who was determined to commit any crime that would allow him to stay in the UAE, has been charged with the murder of his Indian colleague, according to a media report on Friday. The 27-year-old construction worker is standing trial at the Dubai court for strangling his workmate to death with a piece of cloth.

According to the prosecution, the Pakistani worker was determined to commit any crime that could send him to prison and hence not go back to his home country over an issue with his brother, the Khaleej Times reported. The accused pleaded guilty to the murder charge when he appeared in the court.

A police official said an assault incident was reported at a building construction site in Nad Al Hamar on February 26. “We learned that one of the persons involved in the fight died on the way to hospital. When we reached the scene, we found the defendant was caught by police patrol officers. Witnesses informed us having seen the defendant lying over the victim and strangling him with a piece of cloth,” the official was quoted as saying by the newspaper.

The official told the prosecutor that the accused confessed to him having killed the victim with no prior disagreements.

“He admitted that he killed the victim while the latter slept during the break time. He (accused said he strangled the victim to death and expressed his desire to enter prison as he did not want to travel back home,” the police official said.

He further said that the accused claimed that a man filmed him naked and sent his photos to his brother in Pakistan and that his brother was threatening him. The worker claimed he was determined to commit any crime to go to prison. The police officer recalled that the accused looked normal right after the incident and did not show any signs of regret, the report said.

“He confessed that he did not let go of the victim until he felt he became motionless,” the officer added.

A 24-year-old Egyan worker, who took the deceased to hospital, recounted that he and other workers saw the accused strangling the victim while placing his right knee over his shoulder. “The victim was then bleeding from his nose. Even though we took the man away from the victim, the defendant strangled him again with the same piece of cloth,” he said.