Pakistan politicians blast Imran Khan for remark on PM Narendra Modi and Indian elections

Imran Khan, already facing the heat in Pakistan due to the country’s disastrous economic state, found himself in the middle of another controversy when he was targeted by rival politicians for his remarks on Indian election and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Speaking to foreign journalists earlier this week, Imran had said that BJP’s win in Lok Sabha 2019 election would give a better chance for Indo-Pak peace process. He had also said that Congress could be indecisive on the matter if it came to power.

Sharing his opinion about the Indian elections, however, has irked most of his political opponents in Pakistan who have accused Imran of doing a flip-flop on his opinion of Modi. “A state has friendly relations with another state, not with a personality,” PPP senator Sherry Rehman was quoted as saying by Dawn. She also questioned Pakistan foreign minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi who had previously accused India of hatching a conspiracy against Pakistan. “You (Qureshi) said that India is getting ready for an adventure, (then) why did the prime minister say that dialogue can only take place if Modi wins the Indian elections?”

While PM Modi has taken a tough stand against Pakistan for its support to terrorist organisation, Pakistani politicians – mainly those in the opposition – regard him as a threat to their country. On Thursday, many senators said Modi was a ‘threat to Pakistan.’

While Pakistani politicians continue with their bickering, the country’s government finds itself in a tight spot over the entire matter. Qureshi tried to defend Imran’s statements and said that politicians are taking it out of context. In the overall scheme of things, however, most politicians were seen searching for that precise context.