NASA’s Parker solar probe gets so close to sun than any other spacecraft in history!

Washington, Nov 8: Parker Solar Probe, NASA’s historic mission to solve the mysteries of the Sun is now just within 15 million miles of the surface of the star.

NASAs Parker spacecraft so close to Sun

The Parker Solar Probe flew within 15 million miles (24 million kilometers of the sun’s surface Monday night. Its speed topped 213,000 mph (342,000 kph relative to the sun, as it penetrated the outer solar atmosphere, or corona.

The spacecraft will face brutal heat and radiation conditions while providing experts with the closest ever observations of the star.

To keep working and not burn up, Parker must always keep its heat shield pointed at the Sun.

NASA won’t re-establish contact until Parker is far enough from the sun to avoid radio interference. NASA’s Nicola Fox says scientists “can’t wait to get the data.” The observations could unlock some of the sun’s mysteries.

Less than three months after lift-off, Parker’s speed hit 213,000 miles per hour as it entered the outer atmosphere of the Sun.

Nasa has has even bigger plans – 23 trip over the next seven years. which should go even closer to the surface and break even more records.

The next one is expected to happen in April.