Massive explosion in Paris, photos on Twitter show buildings on fire

Photos shared on social media show the windows blown out of the building with rubble strewn across the street.

Paris explosion

The reason of the explosion is not know yet. (Photo: Twitter/@AhronYoung

A massive explosion struck Central Paris on Saturday causing several injuries. According to initial reports, the explosion took place at a bakery on Rue de Trevise, which is located in the 9th arrondissement of the French capital.

The massive blast rocked buildings hundreds of metres away and blew out the entire ground floor of a building in the Paris shopping district. Firefighters pulled injured victims out of windows and evacuated residents as smoke billowed out of the building.

Witnesses described the overwhelmingly sound of the blast and people trapped inside nearby buildings.

A Paris police spokeswoman told Associated Press that several injuries have been reported to police but no deaths.

(Photo: Reuters

The cause of the explosion is not known yet. The police, however, believe it was caused by a gas leak in a bakery. The public has been advised to stay away from the area to allow emergency services access.

Paris Police are on high alert on a ninth consecutive Saturday of yellow vest protests, with large parts of the city centre blocked off by riot police.

This is a developing story. More to follow.