Kartarpur corridor: US welcomes efforts by India, Pakistan to increase people-to-people ties

WASHINGTON DC:The United States on Thursday welcomed efforts by India and Pakistan to increase people-to-people contact, days after the two countries laid foundation stones

Replying to a question on US President Donald Trump’s tweets on stopping aid to Pakistan at a time when the US is seeking its cooperation on bringing the Taliban to the negotiating table, Palladino underlined the need for Islamabad to “build confidence and trust in bilateral relations” with Washington.

“The Secretary (of State Michael Pompeo has emphasised the need for Pakistan to deliver the outcome and build confidence and trust between our two countries, and our policy towards Pakistan is clear,” the State Department spokesperson said.

Ties between the US and Pakistan have been strained since this year after the T

Reacting to the same, Palladino said that the captured Ukranian vessels and detained crew members should be released by the Russian government and Washington is going to be “firm” in this position.

Replying to another question on the prospects of having high-level talks with North Korea, the State Department spokesperson said that deliberations would happen soon, while their policy on North Korea’s denuclearisation remains unchanged at the same time.

“We are looking forward to having high-level talks. Our policy hasn’t changed on North Korea. Progress (of denuclearisation has been made, and we are hopeful that more will be made on North Korea as well. The Secretary and the President have been clear that we’re not going to be forced into artificial time constraints. We’ve made great progress at the summit in Singapore for the final, fully verified denuclearisation. We are going to continue to push forward on that. And of course, future dialogue will take place and it’ll definitely be something that Special Representative (Stephen Biegun will be leading,” Palladino elaborated.

Replying to a query on the comments of the head of the Iraqi militant group Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq, who recently said that the Hashd al-Shaabi should have a role in security along Iraq’s border with Syria, Palladino said that the security of Iraq and its border is the Iraqi government’s responsibility. (ANI