G20 summit: Clause on economic offenders a shot in the arm for India

Express News Service

NEW DELHI: Economic offenders who flee to another nation to escape the law will soon find that they can run, but they can’t hide. Despite reservations expressed by some nations, including the UK, India managed to push through a clause in the final communiqué of the just-concluded

Noting that “cooperation in legal processes such as effective freezing of the proceeds of crime, early return of the offenders and efficient repatriation of the proceeds of crime should be enhanced and streamlined,” India sought “joint efforts by G-20 countries to form a mechanism that denies entry and safe havens to fugitive economic offenders.”

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It also suggested that the Financial Action Task Force, tasked with checking terror financing, be roped in to establish international cooperation and exchange of information on such fugitives, and the setting up of a platform for sharing experiences and best practices including successful cases of extradition, gaps in systems of extradition and legal aid.