Dead rat found in basmati rice bag, Singapore supermarket chain removes brand from shelves

SINGAPORE:A supermarket chain in Singapore has removed a brand of basmati rice from the shelves after a dead rat was found by an Indian customer in a bag of rice he had bought from one of its outlets.

Vegnesh Jodimani was shocked to find a dead rat inside the bag of basmati he had bought from Sheng Siong supermarket in Bedok Reservoir Road last Saturday, the Straits Times reported on Monday.

Jodimani’s Facebook post has been shared more than 3,100 times, the paper said.

A Sheng Siong spokesperson told the Singapore daily that the House brand basmati has been removed from the shelves and the chain’s supplier has been informed about the matter.

“The supplier is currently investigating the matter,” the spokesperson added.

Sheng Siong has refunded the customers.

Most of the basmati comes pre-packed in smaller bags of 2-kg or so from India and Pakistan.

It is branded as per retail outlet requirements in some supply contracts.

Singapore’s Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA, the de-facto authority on food distribution in Singapore, is investigating the matter.

The AVA has reminded food industry to exercise diligence in ensuring the food they supply is fit for consumon.