Coast Guard on high alert as severe cyclonic storm expected to hit Gujarat

NEW DELHI: With a possibility of a severe cyclone hitting Gujarat coast, Indian Coast Guard (ICG has put its assets on high alert and has begun to warn mariners and fishers.

“All coast guard units have been put on high alert from 08 June onwards. Disaster response teams along with relief and response items have been mobilized and kept standby at short notice.” said the Coast Guard.

ICG ships and aircraft have been pressed into action to warn mariners and fisher folks at sea. Despite the ongoing fishing ban on the west coast, fishermen have been venturing at sea. Remote operating stations of the ICG have commenced transmitting weather warnings in vernacular languages. Coast Guard assets are scanning sea areas and warning mariners and fisher folks to return to safety.

Ports have been advised to warn anchored vessels and alert vessels approaching close to coast. A close on the coast is being kept to prevent any untoward incident jeopardizing ecology. Contingency meetings are being held in coordination with state and local authorities to evolve response and relief plans in advance.

Coast Guard’s pre-emve measures during last year and recent cyclone Fani resulted in nil lives lost at sea.