BIZARRE! This Pak-origin councillor ‘accidentally’ sent topless woman’s photo during meeting; suspended

New Delhi: A Pakistani-origin councillor in the United Kingdom was suspended for sending a photo of a topless woman to a group of women during a meeting. The opposition Labour Party had to suspend the councillor for what he pleaded was an “honest mistake”, media reports said on Thursday.

The councillor of Sheffield City, named Mohammad Maroof who was trying to attach another video, mistakenly attached a photo of a topless woman and sent it to a Whatsapp group.

As per reports, Maroof posted the image on a Whatsapp group named Mums United. When group’s founder Sahira Irshad presented a petition on knife crime in the meeting,he sent the picture to the group.

He apologised for what he described as an “honest mistake” and said he was very “embarrassed” for the act.

He said he was trying to attach a video of Irshad speaking at the meeting but instead accidentally attached the unsolicited picture, which was received by him earlier in the day, reports stated.

He said he asked for the video to be deleted within seconds of sending it as he could not do it himself. He claimed the video was there in the group for only a few seconds. He also posted an apology in the group stating that he had no intention to do ‘such a thing’.